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Embracing your Heart's Journey through the Wisdom of a Horse


Meet Tracy

Equus Coach

Tracy draws upon her experience in the wellness industry and her passion for helping others realize their true self and potential.

After receiving an Equus Coaching session, she felt the power and presence of horses and how that partnership changes lives. This is now her lifelong journey and calling. 

She witnessed personally how horses mirror energetic patterns within, helping to uncover a deeper understanding of what happens inside us. As she partnered she discovered wisdom that resided in her and focused her attention on taking this to the next level in the study of Equus Coaching.

Tracy is a certified Koelle Institute Equus Coach. She also furthered her study as a certified Reiki practitioner drawing upon universal energies she applies to her Equus coaching skill.

Through her practice, she creates a safe and sacred place to discover how to allow the horse to deliver us back into our heart! The space she creates helps clients discover insight and new awareness!

Tracy Roberts Equus Coach
Why Horses?

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.  ~ Helen Keller

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Why Horses?



From the moment Tracy invited me to choose a harness, I felt my body and mind relax.  This simple act reminded me, that when feeling uncertain or stuck, I always have a choice; The choice to choose what feels good to me.  Through the guidance of Tracy's vocal coaching and the help of my horse, Hannah, I released fear and worry regarding life changes and career unknowns. Several times, while experiencing "aha" moments, my horse affirmed this wisdom by giving me a gentle nudge at my back and/or returning to my side.  Realizing how Hannah was constantly listening to me, I remembered that by listening to my heart, I harness the powers of awareness, intuition, and trust. After my session, I now feel more confident and at ease while navigating life changes.

- Kellen B.

Tracy is knowledgeable, intuitive and has the keen ability to both observe and provide guidance when necessary. She knows exactly what questions to ask, at just the right time, while allowing space to process through feelings, emotions, and situations.

I value my sessions with Tracy. Something new is revealed each time.

I walk away with more introspection and thought-provoking questions to work on afterward.
You will be amazed at what happens when spending time with Tracy, a beautiful Equus Coach, and person, who is truly passionate about the work she is doing.


It is Magical!

- Debbie M.

Tracy helped me uncover awareness of an old pattern that was keeping me stuck.  With her gentle demeanor and guidance with the horses, I felt so at ease and was really able to open up.  At first, I was afraid of the horses, but soon overcame that and it was amazing to see that reflected back from the horses.  Tracy is truly talented and we are so fortunate that she has answered the call to do this work!

- Arlene D.


Transformative Life Coaching Co-Facilitated With Horses

Equus Coaching supports you and your purpose. In partnership with a horse, an Equus session guides you into a higher level of self-awareness and understanding of what is essential for you to live your authentic best life. No previous horse experience is necessary.  All work is done on the ground with the horses. 

Fee $125 / 75 minutes

Sliding scale available for those experiencing financial hardship

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Tracy Roberts, Equus Coach

Scottsdale, AZ

Cell: 248.214.2548

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